How do I contact the owner?
To contact Maryanne Myers, use the support ticket system at the "main hub" site: webstars2k ticket system

This just opened? How does it have so many members?
1ProfitRing members had the option of having their account info and their referrals imported to this site until Feb 4th (the day of open of Tewebstar).

How do I delete my account?
Login, go to the members menu. Scroll to the end of the page.

Can I use this for Free?
Yes of course you can, you can also earn for free by referring others.

What happens if they leave in the middle of viewing my set of sites?
It remembers where they left off. So if you have 8 sites listed, and they leave after viewing the 5th. When they come back it will start on your sixth site to show to that particuliar member.

Member A is surfing and the system grabs member B.
Member B has 3 sites listed.
So member A visits all three sites for advertising credit.

Meanwhile H is visiting the 5 sites that member G has listed.


How do I get a 20 dollar bonus?
You can easily get the $20 bonus! You get an automatic $4 bonus by referring others to TEWEBSTAR. When you get your VERY FIRST sale, you get $4 additional to your commission. When you get your third, fifth and seventh sale, you get $4 each time. All you do is show your referral url everywhere and gain the cash and the bonuses!

Are non-english site OK?
Yes, of course they are.

What sites can I NOT advertise?
No porn and images of anything to the such. Period. This is not the audience for it. No hate filled sites of politics or etc. No blackhat, viruses or auto downloads, no sites with multiple popups or any sort of traps.

More faq coming soon. I have one to two paragraphs on every single page in the members area explaining things in more detail. I will fill this up with questions that are not already answered there, as they come up.
-Maryanne Myers